Thursday, October 1, 2009

Personal Response to "America In the World"

I initially thought that the "America in the World" cluster would follow the path of how I learned in high school. I believe this was in mind because I attended school in the South, so I wasnt expecting a different aspect of learning. My opinion has definetely changed. I actually enjoy learning and feels as if this cluster helps with that. I want to know ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that will help me gain knowledge. I side more with Obama. I agree with what King was saying, but its 2009 and that would be looking in the past.


  1. Hi Brandon -

    Very interesting! I'm curious about your experinces of school in the South - how would you say the classes are different from what you're experincing in our cluster?

  2. Well Prof T,
    Learning and school in the "south" for me was very "basic"(as in we didnt go in depth as much on certain subjects. I read a lot which helps a lot. The teachers focused on "traditional" subjects straight from the textbook.