Thursday, November 5, 2009

"China" Prewriting

I am interesting in China because many of the products that Americans use everyday come from this country. Im also interested in the US and China trade relationship and how it began. Well it struck me how the Chinese were treated during the Chinese Exclusion Act. With the Act being strict as it was, and the US and China's relationship being as good as it is now, it makes me wonder how it built up to this point. In my opinion, I believe that the US's relationship supports the thesis. I want to know more about the trade relations and how the free market system affects this country.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Our Brand Is Crisis"

In the film "Our Brand Is Crisis," the accusations towards Morales and other leaders, in my opinion, means that these political leaders are "for the people" of the country. Which means that Morales goes along what the people need and want. The people of the country disagree with american political policies and are supported by Morales and other leaders. On (pg281) in "Latin America in Revolt," Morales nationalized Bolivia's oil and gas assets. Nationalizaion is the oppopsite of privatization. In my opinion, i think that these "fears" are justified. With Morales imposing these "anit-american" ideas, it affects the US.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paragraph Revision: Tourism

According to Jamaica Kincaid, natives in "A Small Place" look upon tourists as unethical. Tourism can in some ways be ethical or unethical. In a more positive sense, Tourists can at times have good intentions of leisure and relaxation. On the contrary, Kincaid states in "A Small Place" that native settlers despise tourists. On (pg.18) in "A Small Place," "But some natives-most natives in the world-cannot go anywhere. They are too poor," shows the natives scorn for tourists.

Colbert Video Response

In my opinion, I believe Klein has a great point. This video shows that the United States is a powerful country. Klein believes that the free market system and the government work hand in hand. She shows how corruption exists in the government. The America in the World theme is closely related to Kleins argument because it shows just how powerful the nation is.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Writing "comment"

My experience in writing the first essay was pretty enjoyable. I dont think it was different from any other essay. I think that reading great writers literature would help me become a better writer. I always think reading in general would help as well.

Personal Response to "America In the World"

I initially thought that the "America in the World" cluster would follow the path of how I learned in high school. I believe this was in mind because I attended school in the South, so I wasnt expecting a different aspect of learning. My opinion has definetely changed. I actually enjoy learning and feels as if this cluster helps with that. I want to know ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that will help me gain knowledge. I side more with Obama. I agree with what King was saying, but its 2009 and that would be looking in the past.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


"Pursuit Of Happiness(Nightmare)"