Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paragraph Revision: Tourism

According to Jamaica Kincaid, natives in "A Small Place" look upon tourists as unethical. Tourism can in some ways be ethical or unethical. In a more positive sense, Tourists can at times have good intentions of leisure and relaxation. On the contrary, Kincaid states in "A Small Place" that native settlers despise tourists. On (pg.18) in "A Small Place," "But some natives-most natives in the world-cannot go anywhere. They are too poor," shows the natives scorn for tourists.


  1. Good work. In general, give page numbers in parenthesis after the quotation for greater clarity.

    Also, look at your first sentence. Can you see how it's unclear in a 'who says' kind of way? How might you rewrite it?

  2. Thank you for the clarification on where to put the page numbers. I now see where its unclear in the first sentence. I can rewrite it by stating that the author Kincaid "looks upon tourists as unethical."